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Roster Update Page

This page is for use by Volunteer Members of The-DHN so that they can keep their contact information up to date. When you fill in and "SEND" this form the data goes to The-DHN Recruiter and The-DHN Web Site Manager, who maintain The-DHN Rosters. Some of your contact information may be displayed on The-DHN Web Site, but only with your acceptance. If you have any concerns about the use to which your personal information is put, please read our privacy policy. None of the information requested is obligatory, with the exception of a name and a valid email address, without which, we cannot contact you and the Network fails.

For healing requests use the forms provided elsewhere.

You can use the TABS Key key to navigate this form.

Fields marked with required must be filled in or your message will not be sent!

In which DHN Group, or Groups are you a Member?:
Who You Are:

You may prefer to use a pseudonym rather than your real name. We don't mind.

Where You Live:

How We contact You: required

Your email addresses will never appear on The-DHN web site.

Do you speak any language other than English?

We do, occasionally, receive requests in other languages which is why we ask for this information.

Your Healing Modality:

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