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Feedback about a Pet Healing Request

If you wish to tell us about the ongoing condition of the animal for which you made a request, you can do so here. You should have received messages from one or more of our volunteers regarding the specific case. In that event you may prefer to contact them directly. If you complete this form your message will go to "The-DHN Case Co-ordinator for Pets" who will forward it to the volunteers who handled the case.

If you are concerned about the use to which we put your personal information, check our Privacy Policy.

For healing requests please use the forms provided elsewhere on the site.

You can use the TABS Key key to navigate this form.

Fields marked with required must be filled in or your message will not be sent!

Case Number #:

The Case Number will have been mentioned in earlier messages sent by us. It helps us to keep track of ongoing requests.

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How We contact You: required

Please add your E-mail address so that we can confirm receipt of your request, and enable our healers to contact you, if they deem it appropriate. Thank you.