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"The Best Reciprocal Deal of the Century"

DISTANT HEALING from Experienced Practitioners in a Network of a thousand dedicated Volunteers from All Around the World. The-DHN is an organisation of many hundreds of complementary therapists, in 60 countries, who communicate by e-mail and volunteer to give their time freely, accepting requests for help to ease the suffering of all who ask.

If you, or someone you know, wish to receive Distant Healing, please take a few moments to complete the appropriate form (Links on the left).

We feel that if we can be of any help in alleviating pain or disease, it should be freely available to all who request it.

This service is free and without obligation.

The-DHN was established on May 8th, 1996,
by Elwin Reed RM.

"Helping to Heal the World - One Person at a Time."