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Organisation of The-DHN

  • The Founder of The-DHN and Heal-a-Pet Networks:
    • Elwin Reed - RM
  • The-DHN Manager:
    • Sue Martin - SpH

      Our Network Manager makes decisions regarding Network Policy, Working Practices, advice to Members and other corporate matters.

  • The-DHN Deputy Manager:
    • Marsha L. Smith - RM

      Our Deputy Network Manager advises and acts as Back-Up to other members of The-DHN Executive.

  • The-DHN Senior Case Coordinator:
    • Gabriel Pérez Pena - RM

      Our Case Co-ordinator handles all the initial administration of incoming cases.

  • The-DHN Recruiter:
    • Di Martin - RM

      Our Recruiting Manager handles all enquiries from prospective volunteers and is responsible for allocating new members to their Healing Groups.

  • The-DHN Case Co-ordinator for Pets:
    • "Kitty" Stinneford - RM

      CC-4-Pets handles the administration of cases for "The-DHN-for-Pets" service.

  • The-DHN Group Facilitator:
    • Susan Sosnow - RM

      Assists The-DHN Recruiter with training and placement of Group Leaders.

  • The-DHN Senior Advisers:
    • Karen Smith - RM    

      Last Past Network Manager who continues to bring years of experience to the decision-making process.

    • Robyn Walters - RM

      Past Network Manager.

  • The Web Site Manager:
    • Gra Smith

      Apart from fixing this site he might be able to help you with minor technical problems.

  • The Groups:
    • The-DHN Group & Teams

      Our volunteers are gathered into organised groups and teams under the guidance of Case Managers and Group Leaders.